Faithful Alarms

Police Response Alarms Systems

Making the call to protect your employees and company assets

Keeping you safe at work

So your security system has detected an intruder on your private property, what can you do about it? A Police Response System works in conjunction with intruder alarms and CCTV surveillance systems to relay precise unusual behaviour that’s been spotted in the real-time. Then if necessary a Police Response can be triggered as soon as possible, before the situation gets out of hand.


Faithful Alarms’ Commercial Police Response Systems

Leaving automatic detectors to chance isn’t ideal, due to the high number of false alarms they can generate, wasting yours and local police’s valuable time. At Faithful Alarms, whenever an alarm is raised, our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre has a team on-hand to analyse the situation and promptly determine if it warrants police action.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ Police Response System

  1. Filtering prevents false alarms.
  2. Have police contacted immediately if something is wrong.
  3. Extra time saved from immediate action.