Faithful Alarms

Biometric System

A key that can’t be lost

The next level of access security

Our team of experts being approved biometric specialists and licensed access control specialists. Biometric access systems can work in tandem with access controls that track the identity, time and date that access to rooms and departments has been granted or denied. With the facility to control when and where specific personnel are authorised and prohibited from.


Faithful Alarms’ Biometric Access Control

In the event that your business requires more specialised security solutions, Faithful alarms can provide additional options. We can supply and install retina scanners, voice recognition and facial thermogram systems. We provide complete peace of mind with our services as well as convenience and security for high-traffic environments with fast entry/exit times, convenience and security.

Features of Faithful Alarms’ Biometric System

  1. Highly secure access technology.
  2. Prevent any and all unregistered persons from entering the premises.
  3. Accurately monitor who enters or leaves your premises.