Faithful Alarms

PC-based Access Controls

Access Control merged with your infrastructure

Access Controls with no extra hardware

For whenever you need to incorporate access controls with your existing office computers. Faithful Alarms can set up access controls across your existing office machines. While PC-based access control can fulfil the same purpose as an intercom system, your PC can also access video feeds or intercoms to visually / verbally confirm the entrant’s identity.

Operating company building access controls from a PC

Faithful Alarms’ PC Access Control

A simple solution that meshes well with your existing
PC-based access controls allow for a commercial access solution without having to facilitate additional hardware around the company office or reception area. The added flexibility of a PC-oriented solution means that access control can be applied to a plethora of entryways, including boardrooms, gates and barriers.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ PC Access Control

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Quick method of verification.
  3. Can be easily incorporated in existing systems.