Faithful Alarms

Standalone Access Controls

Where the staff and customers should be

Staff only Access solution

When running a business that handles customers on-site, precautions need to be taken that customer and staff access it established and abided by. Sometimes, signage alone will only peak the interest of nosy customers. So an internal security solution needs to be reliable and easy to use so as to not disrupt workflow.

Standalone Access Controls are useful for commercial buildings with customer areas like retail stores, shopping centres and hospitals.


Faithful Alarms’ Standalone Access Control

Access controls such as card readers and proximity tokens can be quickly scanned to temporarily unlock doors to gain entry, after which is promptly locked again behind you. Faithful Alarms can set up standalone access control to restrict access to staff areas without the necessity to oversee individual verification; saving employee time.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ Standalone Access Control

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Can be integrated with other security systems.
  3. Tailor specific access to individual tokens and cards.