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Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Safeguard your employees and property

Fire safety solutions for Businesses

Our processor-enhanced fire alarm detector provides a higher level of precision to detect fires and smoke hazards early while avoiding false alarms with environment configuration settings. All of our fire detection and emergency tech exceed the legal requirements as a business owner.

With Emergency Lighting, exit routes in the event of fire outbreaks are clearly marked and still visible even when obstructed by smoke hazards. Not only that, but the Emergency Lighting is also equipped with a reserve power supply which is immediately triggered in the event of a power outage.

Lobby or Reception of company building

Faithful Alarms’ Commercial Fire Detection Systems

For installation and servicing of commercial fire detection systems across the West Midlands. Get into touch with Faithful Alarms for further information.

Benefits of Commercial Fire Detection Systems

  1. Exceed legal fire safety requirements.
  2. Be quickly notified of a blaze to minimise potential damage.
  3. Have access to 24/7 support.