Faithful Alarms

Fire Location Systems

Minimise search time for fire outbreak

Pinpoint the Fire outbreak and take action

Each sensor is associated with a respective location within the building, so when a detector has been triggered, the alarm system can report back with the exact location to help speed up the search for a potential fire.

Faithful Alarms have fire detectors processor enhanced as standard, this means that each detector has custom detector sensitivity. Alarms can be installed in differing environments, dirty or smoky locations like garages, boiler rooms or car parks, without giving way to an influx of false alarms.

Meeting room in office

Faithful Alarms’ Fire Location Systems

You can get your business equipped with confidence knowing that Faithful Alarms’ fire detection systems are all compliant to UK Safety Standards.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ Fire Location System

  1. Pin-point fire location detection.
  2. Enhanced alarms are standard.
  3. Pre-alarm warnings give time for investigation.