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CCTV is one the more potent tools in private commercial security, the knowledge of being seen on cameras is a proven deterrent of criminal activity. CCTV footage is also a classic piece of admissible evidence in a court of law. Faithful Alarms’ security camera systems are all ‘BS8418‘ compliant (Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems, Code of Practice). We provide you with an extensive range of products from leading manufacturers that are able to offer the optimum in quality and reliability. Our high-end technology surveillance systems produce industry-leading results, in the event such evidence is needed.


Faithful Alarms’ Commercial Security Cameras

The process of installing a commercial CCTV system can be done with minimal hassle on-site. Faithful Alarms also provide remote monitoring solutions where necessary. All of which is as scalable as an up-and-coming business. Our security cameras installation can be catered to be as elaborate and flexible as needed. Servicing available for wide or small scale of security camera systems.

Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

  1. Strong deterrent to those thinking of committing a crime.
  2. Monitor employee movement.
  3. Can be integrated with other security systems, such as alarms.