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Monitored CCTV

Keeping an eye out from our RVR Centre

Remote monitoring and response

For when a company needs the security of CCTV systems, but lacks the space or resources to maintain it. Monitored CCTV is provided by Faithful Alarms to monitor and store captured surveillance footage off-site. Link your monitored CCTV to Police Response systems so you can protect your business even while no one is on-site. Faithful alarms can install CCTV systems to scale, identifying best vantage points and angles for surveillance camera positions.

Faithful Alarms provides monitored CCTV security with 24/7 surveillance. We have a dedicated team at our Remote Video Receiving Centre to assess the situation whenever unusual behaviour is detected. Our team can then review the behaviour and promptly determine what action to take. After which, a Police Response can be triggered if necessary.

Monitoring CCTV feed

Faithful Alarms’ Monitored CCTV Systems

The Police Response system is associated with your local police force and specifies the location of the raised alarm. Saving more time than the conventional phone call and minimising damages from theft, trespassing and vandalism. Making the police response one step removed from automation means a drastic reduction in false alarms, saving yours and police officers valuable time.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ Monitored CCTV System

  1. Constant security for multiple areas.
  2. Save costs on security guards.
  3. Evaluate alarms as soon as they happen.