Faithful Alarms

Stand-alone CCTV

Catch unusual behaviour on camera

CCTV monitoring for Security and Safety

CCTV surveillance systems can capture footage across the company premises 24/7. CCTV can also be utilised to check health and safety protocols and employee productivity. The number of installed cameras, configuration and output specifications can all be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Faithful Alarms are available to offer service and upscaling your CCTV security systems.

Faithful alarms can supply standalone CCTV security systems for organisations on different scales, from small private firms, to larger corporate buildings. No matter how elaborate your requirements are, the final product is designed to be as easy to operate as possible.


Faithful Alarms’ Standalone CCTV System

Our Standalone CCTV systems record and store footage digitally to reference and check recordings at a later date. Motion detecting features to highlight segments of footage with unusual behaviour across longer timelines. CCTV systems provide live feeds across your organisation, so security can take action immediately where necessary.

Benefits of Faithful Alarms’ Standalone Access Control

  1. Save footage space.
  2. Easy to filter.
  3. Effective deterrent.