Faithful Alarms

Domestic Security

Make sure you feel safe and secure.
Explore our security systems help protect your home

Home alarm systems

We provide a wide range of alarms, which can be coupled with control panels, intercom access and fire security equipment. Connecting to Police response systems and CCTV monitoring to make sure everything is always under control.


Access Controls

Setup a system that controls who has access to private property, integrate intercom communication systems or video feeds with your access controls to grant access to only the people you know and trust.

Home security cameras

Home CCTV security solutions to help you protect your property and deter thieves. Available self-monitored, or leave it to our Alarm receiving centre. Find out what will best fit your own home and lifestyle.

Fire detection systems

All of our Fire detectors come processor-enhanced as standard. This helps to better distinguish between real danger and false alarms. In addition, can be custom configured to the environment the detectors are in.