Faithful Alarms

Addressable Location System

Pinpoint the danger and act fast

Quick Action – Minimal Damage

Addressable location systems are designed to detect a fire and give you the location of the device. You can link multiple devices to a single control panel. Our addressable solution is more reliable than traditional alarm systems as it detects fires early and has its own unique address associated with an exact location within a flat block or apartment complex. Quick detection and reaction means less damage caused.


Faithful Alarms’ Addressable Location Sensors

The detector can be linked to control panels to give the location ID so you can take necessary precautions to evacuate safely and extinguish the flames before then cause any further damage. Our dedicated team will help you with any enquiries or concerns in a timely manner.

Benefits of Addressable Location System

  1. Save extra valuable minutes.
  2. Cheaper than conventional alarm panels.
  3. Increased reliability.