Faithful Alarms

Security Lighting

Signpost your exit routes

Security lighting to lead the way in any emergency.

With Faithful Alarms, you can be assured that your safety is our top priority. We ensure that your business or home is protected during power failures or thick smoke by installing reliable reserve power systems linked to fire alarms and safety lighting. Emergency lighting is powered by a reserve power source. So in the event of a smoke hazard or power failure, you can spot the marked exits and find your way to safety.

Whether you’re an existing customer or just considering an installation, we’re always ready to help. From initial consultation through to installation and servicing.


Faithful Alarms’ Security Lighting and Signage

Emergency lights will turn on as soon as a fire alarm is raised or a power outage occurs, making it an ideal solution for flats blocks and apartment complexes. Faithful Alarms has been updated in accordance with UK fire safety regulations and proudly offers a comprehensive range of fire rated equipment that is designed to accommodate for fire detection and evacuation.

Benefits of Emergency Lighting

  1. Runs on reserve power to remain lit during power outage.
  2. Linked to fire alarm system to shine bright during fire.
  3. Guides you and others with ease.