Faithful Alarms

Audible Sounder

Make it loud and clear

Don’t let your household be the next burglary statistic

We know the security of your home is important to you. Our home audible sounder alarms are European standard compliant and Police-response system compatible. We use innovative detection technologies that will be able to spot even the slightest movements inside or out of your house.


Faitful Alarms’ Audible Sounder System

Protect your home with a burglar alarm from Faithful Alarms. With proven deterrent effects, it’s an effective way of protecting your home from intruders. Audible sounders work in conjunction with monitoring and police response systems.

Benefits of Audible Sounder System

  1. Agreed to be one of the most effective deterrents.
  2. Can operate inside or outside.
  3. Can be connected to other Faithful Alarms systems for maximum protection.