Faithful Alarms

Police Response

Help is on the way.

When an alarm is raised, what should you do next?

A police response notifier is equipped to contact local authorities to your location as soon as this is triggered. Police Response systems can be linked up to new or existing monitoring CCTV systems as an extra line of precision of when to contact police.

We have a 24/7 alarm receiving centre to take action, rather than leaving it to automation at the risk of false alarms. Our team can assess the situation and gauge if a police response should be triggered or not.

breaking and entering

Faithful Alarms’ Police Response Integration

Faithful Alarms’ policy response systems are BS8418 compatible, so they can be linked to other RVR and detector-activated CCTV systems. Helping to reduce the chances of false alarms and getting police involved when it really matters.

Benefits of a Police Response System

  1. Receive technical support from an external site.
  2. Have police notified ASAP.
  3. Customisable with other Faithful Alarms devices.