Faithful Alarms


Taking care of your property

With our RVR CCTV system, you can keep your property monitored 24/7.

You’ll never have to make that tough decision of whether to call the police or ignore an alarm again. With our RVR CCTV system you are connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre and we make intelligent judgments based on the on-site cameras as well as the alarms. Automated motion detection alarms have a tendency to raise false alarms more than desired and waste valuable time, so we don’t leave the around-the-clock surveillance to automation. Faithful Alarms have a team on check at an Alarm receiving centre to analyse a situation whenever something unusual is detected.

cameras installed at home

Faithful Alarms’ RVR CCTV System

Whenever criminal activity has been determined, then the appropriate response can be triggered. This can include features such as a tannoy to let intruders know they’ve been seen. A police response can also be triggered to stop criminals in their tracks.

Benefits of RVR CCTV System

  1. RVR CCTV is like having eyes everywhere at once.
  2. The intruder detectors aren’t affected by tiredness or boredom.
  3. Human element cannot be distracted, threatened or intimidated.